All competitors are obligated to register as an Associated Member of the WorldCDF for the year 2021,

before the start of the Spanish Online Experience.
The application or renewal of your WCDF membership 2021 is possible via the website of the WorldCDF.
The membership fee for 2021 is € 10,00. Membership for Social Dancers is FREE.

Due to the current circumstances, the WorldCDF is adapting it's competitions to a DIGITAL format.

Until we can go back to physical competitions, the WorldCDF is offering a number of DIGITAL COMPETITIONS in a "light" format.


What does it mean ?

Most of our events will be offering a limited number of divisions and only 2 or 3 dances per division. The rules for these Online Competitions are kept to a minimum and no graduation to higher levels from Digital to Physical are permitted.

However you don't need to worry about your graduation points that you earned in the previous years. All your points are "frozen". That means that you will still have the same 3 years to accumulate graduation points when we return to the standard format.

But the good news is that if you compete in the WorldCDF Online Competitions you can earn points for the Universal Online Ranking and have a chance to win a FREE PASS to the next physical Worlds. Click here for more details.

What are the rules ?

We think it’s a good idea to remind you of some basic rules if you want to join us.

First of all, please adhere to your regional covid restrictions and guidelines. Each country may have different regulations on training and meetings!


We have tried to keep it simple to be more fun for all. We are also keeping Digital and Physical events separate, so whatever you do here in Digital does not count for Physical.


  • Boots and hats are not mandatory, but safe footwear is highly recommended.

  • We also recommend wearing your dance outfits, but you can wear basically what you want (glitter is allowed across all divisions)

  • To take part you MUST be a FULL WCDF member for 2021 (except for Social divisions), but we are offering a 50% discount this year, so it’s only 10 euro for 2021.

  • You can participate in several divisions (Classic, Showcase, Modern, Couples, Proam and Choreography).

  • In order to promote competition, events can combine divisions if there is a small number of dancers in the division.

  • You CAN move up to one (1) higher division compared to your current WCDF division, but you CANNOT move down a division compared to your current WCDF division.

  • Whichever divisions you compete in for the Digital events, you can always go back to your “current” division when we return to physical events. So that means that if you usually compete in Newcomer, but you want to try Digital Novice ... why not ... you can go back to Newcomer afterwards.

WCDF Rules Book3.png

Click on the button below to open the WorldCDF Rule book.